100,000 Miles A Second

Created By
Jeremy Bandow (dir), Patricia Fox (contact)


WITH SATURDAY AFTERNOON SHORTS SELECTIONS 2:15PM — A Woman with multiple sclerosis goes to a local coop at the end of a busy workday. After fighting to find a parking spot in the crowded lot, she gets a call from her boyfriend. They talk about the neurology appointment she had earlier that day, and how the doctor dismissed her, she’s experiencing problems walking. They hang up. She has a meltdown in her car. She pulls herself together enough to go into the store. A homeless musician plays mandolin outside the entrance. He saw her pull in the lot and watches her walk up to him. She digs a few coins out her purse to give him. He takes the opportunity to talk to her about how fast we are traveling through the Universe. His tall-tale reframes the way she’s been thinking about her situation. She realizes she’s been blocking her own momentum with negative thoughts about herself.


09/29/2018 2:15 pm

SCPA - Mayerson Theater

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