Birth of a New Art Form: Lineillism Revealed

Created By
Steve Oldfield


WITH FRIDAY MORNING SHORTS SELECTIONS 11:00AM — ‘Birth of a New Art Form reveals the story behind an exciting new painting style called ‘Lineillism, ‘ developed by Jim Hall, an 84-year-old American artist. ‘Lineillism’ and it’s an innovative and intricate technique that uses vertical lines of color to create an image. (Think Pointillism but with all vertical lines) The acrylic paintings take more than a month to complete and often involve more than 500,000 brush strokes. Jim created the style when he awoke one day to find his vision marred by the Shingles Virus. He saw the world in all vertical lines – but instead of panicking, he started painting: in lines.


09/28/2018 11:00 am

Woodward Theater

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