President & CEO, Cultural Impact LLC

Dr. Vanessa Enoch is an experienced senior level business, technology, and higher education professional, with over 16 years of corporate operations experience. She has had a very diverse career, working as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, a Paralegal Supervisor with the US Small Business Administration, and as a Business Analyst with General Electric. She has also held positions overseeing Software Implementations as a Senior Project Manager in the Insurance Industry. She also spent several years overseeing multiple college departments, serving as a Department Chair/ Dean of Students (including business and accounting departments). She is the owner of a business and policy consulting company.

Enoch is a Public Policy & Social Change expert, and a trained community organizer, who is passionate about Social Justice and Human Rights causes. She has led local efforts to drive change in the criminal justice system, including reform of the jury process and the juvenile justice system. Recently, Dr. Enoch worked alongside State Senator Cecil Thomas and two State Court Judges on judicial reform efforts. She has advocated for the working poor for childcare benefits, and much of her work has involved dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline and issues facing children within the juvenile justice system.