Volunteer At The OTR Film Festival

Do you love movies? Do festivals make you happy? Do you work and play well with others? Do you want to be part of a ground-breaking, life-changing experience?

Volunteer a few hours or a few days and receive memories to last a lifetime.

Are you interested in volunteering at the Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival? We are looking for people who love the movies, who want to be part of a life-changing experience, who work well with others and who want to make a difference.

The OTR Film Festival is scheduled for July 7th-10th . Our venues are predominantly in Over-the-Rhine, Pendleton and Downtown. Hours of need are in the morning, afternoon and evening.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in being Lead Volunteers, Ushers, Way Finders, Marketing Canvassers, Muscle for Set-up and Take-down, Ticket Takers, Party Planners, and a
variety of other responsibilities. Do your skills and talents match up with any of these tasks? If so, click on the sign up button below or call the OTR Film Festival Volunteer Manager at
(513) 861-5233 to learn more.

Volunteers must attend at least one training prior to the event. All volunteers are eligible to receive a free pass to any of the movies shown throughout the event. (Entry priority given to paying attendees.)