OTRIFF 2024 Programming

Is That Black Enough For You?!?

Presented in partnership with National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Friday, February 2, 2024

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and Over-the-Rhine
International Film Festival, presented by LADD are pleased to present an
evening with Elvis Mitchell, acclaimed film writer and documentary filmmaker for a screening and discussion of Mitchell’s documentary “Is That Black Enough for You?!?

Portrait image of Elvis Mitchell, solid black backdrop with African American man in center and words sold out overlaid on image.

Celebrating Julia Reichert, Pioneering Indie Filmmaker

Presented in partnership with Contemporary Arts Center

Thursday, April 18, 2024

6:30 p.m. • Contemporary Arts Center

Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival organized by LADD and Contemporary Arts Center are partnering for a retrospective film screening and discussion celebrating the life and work of pioneering and Oscar-winning filmmaker Julia Reichert led by her husband and filmmaking partner Steven Bognar. Reichert, who died on December 1, 2022, spent five decades making films centered on workers’ and women’s rights. 

The Remarkable life of Ibelin

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

6:30 p.m. • Kenwood Theatre

“The Remarkable Life of Ibelin” explores the life of Mats Steen, a Norwegian gamer known as “Ibelin” in the open-world game “World of Warcraft,” who passed away from a degenerative muscular disease at 25. The film reveals through animated reconstructions of his gameplay, blog narrations and interviews the profound connections Mats forged in in the virtual world.

The image is a black and white photograph depicting a young person with medium-length hair, wearing round glasses and a plaid shirt. They are in a contemplative pose, resting their cheek on one hand, while holding a Bolex camera with the other hand. The camera is pointed towards the left of the frame and has two lenses visible. The person appears to be lost in thought, gazing into the distance. The background is out of focus, suggesting a natural outdoor setting. The image exudes a vintage feel, likely from the early 1970s, and captures a moment of introspection, possibly between film shoots.